Tuesday 7 June 2011

Trailer Trash | Elder Scrolled

So yesterday, I watched press conferences.

They were not, as a whole, particularly inspiring. There will be new games! Hooray! And who would have thunk it?

Sadly, most of the things I'd hoped to see were not to be. I'll admit to some excitement over the Kinect functionality Microsoft and certain third parties are baking into a select few forthcoming 360 games - primarily Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - but of the four conferences yesterday, honest to God, I think I enjoyed the Ubisoft one the most.

For Far Cry 3, the stealth-developed sequel to an open world FPS which could and should have changed the face of gaming a few years ago, but didn't; and for the next Assassin's Creed - that is to say Revelations, "the final chapter of Ezio's story," as if it hadn't already ended twice - which looked awesome... despite my misgivings about diminishing returns from studios churning out yearly sequels.

But one of the coolest bits and bobs to come out of E3 thus far wasn't at any of the press conferences - though there's still the outside chance it could feature at Nintendo's new hardware extravaganza later today. Rather, released apropos of nothing much at all, seven solid minutes of gameplay from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

And here they are:

Can I hear a hell yeah? :)


  1. Hell yea. Oblivion was already pretty good, but graphics, quests, character dev in this is clearly superior. I'll absolutely be standing in line on the 11-11-11. Thanks for the clip, Niall! (I almost wanna say 'told ya so' from yesterday, lol.)

  2. You totally did! :)

    I want to slay a dragon so much right now...

  3. That game looks amazing. Far better than Morrowind and Oblivion, both of which I played the hell out of. 300+ hrs of game play is worth the price of a new video game. I wants it!