Thursday 30 June 2011

We Interrupt This Broadcast | Can Not Compute

Gosh, but it's been awffy quiet around here this week, hasn't it?

Sorry about that. Needless to say it's entirely my fault. Every day I ask far more than is reasonable of my grizzled old computer machine, and most days, within reason, it lets me do what I want. Mostly...

How tolerant!

Alas, late last week, I fear my desktop cashed in its last pension cheque. Either everything must have gone wrong all at once, or this pitiful excuse for a computer has been hanging by an IDE cable for God only knows how long. In any case, it's done. Gone, baby, gone - to the big OS in the sky. Chumming AV+ up a blind alley littered with minidiscs and Betamax tapes.

Thus, the week's been spent with fingers crossed and eyes peeled for a good deal on a replacement rig. And I've been working extra special hard (yessir I have) to be sure there's pennies to pay for it if and when The Machine of My Dreams comes up for a couple hundred songs.

It hasn't happened yet. But it will. Meantime, best expect some slight disruption to your usual service. Much as I like to tell myself I can always get a blog together on my tablet... you know, for all the pros of my Transformer, not so much. Certainly I can't stand to use its touch keypad for the length of time it takes to put together a review, for instance.

So. I'm calling a quick time out. I shouldn't be gone for long - next week is the deadline I've set myself - and between now and then I've scheduled a few reviews that have been knocking about in draft status for ages, praying that a moment just like this comes along. Which just goes to show: you've got to be careful what you wish for...

Anyway, when I come back, you might rightly expect to see a few changes around here. Time for a redesign, do you think? At the very least it's long past time for me to refresh a couple of the outdated widgets over on the right there. Come to that, if you'd like to see your site featured on the ol' blogroll, or a site you think really should be on my radar, do feel free to drop me an email with introductions and/or directions, and if I like what I see...

Well. The sky's the limit, innit? :)

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