Friday 17 June 2011

Giving The Game Away | Songs Of Cats and Croats

Hey, remember a couple of weeks ago, we had a grand old giveaway?

Well, I'd meant to announce the winner sooner -- in fact I did the random draw last weekend, then I saw three more entries flashing away in my inbox, and it felt a little mean of me to cut the cord so arbitrarily. But they've been trickling in since, too - a couple a day all through the week - and this can't go on forever. So.

The time has finally come to announce our winners.

First, our three runners-up, each of whom will receive a gorgeous Songs of the Earth bookmark just as soon as I can talk the post office camels to heading out your way. They are:

  • from Ohio, Andy Campbell
  • from Manchester, Daniel Franklin
  • from Croatia, Tomislav Tkalec

But our grand prizewinner, who gets a bookmark AND a signed and inscribed copy of Songs of the Earth direct from Elspeth herself, is...

*dramatic pause*

Simon Holland, who hails from Cheshire, where all cats are happy. As well Simon should be. :D

I'll have email to all our winners in a moment to collect address and inscriptions. Well done, everyone!


  1. Simon, if you're watching, your book is signed and bubble-wrapped and ready to go. Should be with you middle of next week, subject to the vagaries of the Royal Mail. Enjoy!

    And a public thank you too to Niall, for organising this giveaway. Whattaguy.

  2. Ach, he's alright, but I wouldn't give him too much credit. It'll only go to his head! :P

  3. Thanks Elspeth and Niall,looking forward to it!

  4. Just to let you know that it was delivered yesterday, thank you once again...