Monday, 18 July 2011

Trailer Trash | Rise, Ye Dark Knight!

I am curiously unmoved by this teaser trailer for what must be my most fervently anticipated film from the foreseeable future:

Perhaps it's because it's mostly made up, as Garth Franklin reports over at Dark Horizons, of repurposed footage from Batman Begins, which to be perfectly honest I didn't adore. Certainly not half as much as I did The Dark Knight -- and this despite my unbridled love for all things Caped Crusader. (Though that seems something of a misnomer when applied to Christopher Nolan's brooding vision of the character, doesn't it?) 
As is, the most Bat-tastic thing about that trailer to me is the glimpse of a more suitable image of the shattered Gotham skyline to borrow for my desktop background than was featured in the poster I blogged about last week. Oh for a full, downloadable HD trailer, and decent free screen-capture software!
Your thoughts, then, ladies and gents? Will this tide you over till something more substantial comes along? Or are you as underwhelmed as I find myself? 
P.S. Here's hoping you can all see this video. I'm telling you, embedding from facebook: it ain't easy!



  1. I saw this trailer in the cinema last night, went to see the finale of the HP films, and whilst it is very cool it also inspires a sense of frustration. The movie isn't going to be out until 2012 right? Too early be throwing out this kind of thing. I'm all for short, hyper-ambiguous trailers - it's when trailers tell you most of the bloody movie that they annoy me.

    Totally with you in terms of Batman Begins: I'd go further, and say it's Nolan's worst movie. Actually turned me off the Batman movies, until The Dark Knight won me over and more.

  2. You're not alone in your opinion of Batman Begins, although I couldn't be in more disagreement with you. I loved the first film--more so than the second. And I also would have to disagree with your sentiments on this teaser. I saw it Sunday night with Harry Potty, and I leaned over to tell my wife that I thought this was going to be one of the best movies ever. Ever. How did I come to this conclusion based on so little evidence? I think it actually had something to do with the recycled content. I think the trailer speaks to the direction of the final film. Why not tie images of the beginning to final film. To me, it correctly represents what will probably go down as the most emotional representation of the Dark Knight that we'll have ever seen. And in order to have an character arc, we need a beginning, a middle, and an end.

    To me it all fit so well together with the teases of new footage.


    The Sound and Fury of Kristopher A. Denby

  3. I guess I'm with Ty-real here. Give me six or eight months or something and I don't doubt you all are going to have to hold tight to keep me from exploding with sheer unfiltered excitement.

    But for the moment... well, I've come over a bit meh, haven't I? Not that I'm in any doubt as to the eventual greatness of The Dark Knight Rises - though I would disagree with you as to Batman Begins, Kris; as an origin story perhaps there's a case to be made, but as a complete package the Dark Knight easily trumps Nolan's first take on ol' Batsy.

    At least it does to my mind. What could Batman Begins possibly have to offer in that regard that The Dark Knight doesn't trump? I want to know! :)